13 Reasons Andy From “The Devil Wears Prada” Is Actually Just A Privileged White Girl

The girl actually constructed Runway into a world model, full of cream-of-the-crop editors, photographers, stylists, and extra. She actually needed to claw her option to the highest in a male-dominated business, all whereas juggling motherhood, marriage, and who is aware of no matter else. Yes, some might say she’s a diva, however we already know girl being assertive has a sexist and unfair stigma. Her husbands hold leaving as a result of they can not deal with a #BOSS, regardless that when roles are reversed, thousands and thousands of ladies are anticipated to face by male companions who work demanding and high-profile jobs. Is it such a criminal offense that she’d need an assistant to make clothes requests on time? Would all her requests be that demanding if she had been a person? Miranda is only a sensible, hard-working perfectionist whose qualities would’ve been applauded if she had been a white male.

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