19 TV And Movie Characters Who Were Terrible Friends When You Think About It

“She’s consistently stirring up drama underneath the guise of ditziness. She reveals that Monica had lunch with Richard to Chandler, and that Monica wished to sleep with Joey first, inflicting main fights between them. She forces Monica and Rachel to disclose what they don’t like about one another, once more inflicting an enormous combat. She tells Chandler that his workers don’t like him, Rachel that she’s a pushover and Monica that she’s excessive upkeep. She tells Ross he’s a foul and unsupportive buddy after he objects to her stealing a little bit ladies’ cat.

“She shames a random stranger for watching porn, tries to pressure Monica to surrender her desires for a mediocre catering enterprise, and insults Monica’s restaurant after she is requested politely to cease singing inappropriate songs in entrance of it. Her actions concerning discovering Rachel’s being pregnant take a look at are really terrible – should you discover a being pregnant take a look at in another person’s rubbish possibly thoughts your individual enterprise!”


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