A moon with a giant vagina, and other weird discoveries in No Man's Sky

A moon with a giant vagina, and other weird discoveries in No Man’s Sky

Tens of thousands of people are busy exploring No Man’s Sky again, discovering all types of weird and wild sights in the procedurally generated galaxy. Below I’ve gathered up the weirdest of what gamers have discovered, however first let’s begin with a few of my discoveries. Probably the oddest second I’ve had this previous week was once I warped into a star system and discovered myself observing a moon that gave the impression to be sporting a fairly large vagina on its floor.

I do know there have been loads of gamers who’ve use terrain instruments to sculpt dongs on planets, however that is vagina so large you possibly can see it from area, and it is not the results of participant shenanigans. It’s a naturally showing mathematical incidence that simply occurs to appear to be a very large vagina. (Or perhaps it seems just like the flame of a candle. You be the choose.) Here’s a full-sized image.

The moon, referred to as Dagnor III, circling a planet named Crobia, was an ‘Empty Moon’, with no creature or vegetation current. Even the vagina itself vanished once I flew too shut, disassembling into extra random-looking cracks and ridges in the moon’s floor lengthy earlier than I bought shut sufficient to land. To me, although, it’s going to all the time be the Moon Vagina of Dagnor III.

With that little bit of enterprise out of the best way, this is a have a look at some other oddities noticed in No Man’s Sky over the previous week. Obviously there are some spoilers under if you wish to discover (and be stunned by) all these things your self. 

This planet lined with bony issues

Many gamers have come throughout planets which can be lifeless however merely lined with these weird objects that appear to be they’re made from bone. You can mine them for assets when you have a sophisticated laser, and so far as I can inform they’re new to Next, becoming a member of other semi-rare oddities like bubble planets.

This other weird planet lined with these other weird issues

If you’ve got come throughout a [REDACTED] planet (that is what it is referred to as in your scanner) and landed, you in all probability noticed a few of these… issues. Again, it is one other considerably uncommon incidence, littered with tall metallic spires, a few of them hovering a few ft off the bottom.

This blobby plant creature that has a big butthole

I am not obsessed with physique elements or something. I promise! I simply preserve by accident discovering them in No Man’s Sky. Here’s a massive multi-eyed plant blob that was sloshing round on a planet, and I made a decision to kill it and push it down a hill as a result of I’m a large area jerk. That’s once I found it had an infinite butthole (or some kind of gap) that it hops round on.

OK, that is it for physique elements from me, I promise. Probably.

This deserted, pre-Next area station

You’ll now not discover a area station in each single star system: some have not been found or explored by the NPC factions but. Others, nevertheless, have been colonized however later deserted. What’s actually cool is that these deserted stations have the identical format as the unique area stations: the only spherical door and similar sorts of small chambers that they had earlier than they had been redesigned for Next. The touchdown pads all glow pink and it is greater than a bit creepy in there. If you discover one, you should definitely test it out.

Aliens that carry their very own chairs in all places

It was all the time a bit unusual that buying and selling posts had all these seats set out for guests, rows and rows of them, however nobody ever sat in them. Before Next, the only occupant on the publish all the time stood. With extra NPCs added, I figured now a few of these seats would at the least be crammed.

Well, no. There are normally a handful of NPCs on the buying and selling posts, and a few of them are sitting. But it seems like NPCs want to carry their very own chairs with them. I am nonetheless unsure who all these seats at buying and selling posts are for and why nobody will sit in them. Another No Man’s Sky thriller.

A very, very pink photo voltaic system

I am not the one one at PC Gamer enjoying No Man’s Sky, as our intrepid photographer Andy Kelly posted last week about all the interesting stuff he’s been coming across, together with a startlingly beautiful, extraordinarily pink galaxy (above). I’ve seen a lot of blue and yellow and inexperienced programs, and some which can be pretty reddish, however I’ve by no means seen a vivid pink system fairly like this. Beautiful.

This sentinel walker at relaxation

Via Reddit, posted by Scinetik

What I might hoped (however kind of doubted) may be pilotable mechsuits proven in the Next trailer turned out to be high-level sentinel walkers, mechanical protectors of the assets on sure planets. Reddit member Scinetik noticed one on of those pain-in-the-asses on hunkered down in standby mode. 

I like that they’ve kind of an offline, resting pose. Just chilling out, enjoyable, ready for somebody to interrupt the foundations. And then it is stomping time.

A floating chocolate-dipped donut

Via Reddit, posted by Lunitari696

Mmm, scrumptious! If this planet discovered and posted by Reddit member Lunitari696 comprises an island that appears like a chocolate-dipped donut, perhaps it additionally comprises a large cup of espresso, too. You’d want a fairly large ship for those who needed to take it with you, although.

Is this a ship for ants?

Via Reddit, posted by Slappy193

Hm. Decent little hauler there docked at a area station, till you discover it’s a respectable little or no hauler. I am unsure the participant, in the event that they selected to purchase it, could even squeeze in there since they’re truly taller than the wee ship. And in that case, certainly it would not have the cargo area to carry greater than a few gravitino balls.

A hex moon orbiting a hex planet

Via Reddit, posted by TezzaMcJ

Hex planets have been around since the last expansion, and whereas I do not actually know their goal they’re nonetheless one among my favourite planets to come back throughout. I’ve seen these artificial planets and hex moons earlier than, however just one at a time and by no means two in the identical programs. It occurs, although, as a result of he is a hex planet with a hex moon orbiting it. Reddit user TezzaMcJ found these two beauts.  There’s a couple more shots here.

A frigate of hungy ghosts

Via Reddit, posted by phoisgood495

You can purchase frigates by flying near them and hailing them on the radio, and then inspecting their stats. Before you purchase it, ensure you take a shut have a look at the crew. This crew’s temper is ‘Hungry’, which may imply hungry for motion or perhaps they’re simply not well-fed.

Be certain to have a look at the Notes part, too. It comprises necessary info, reminiscent of about this frigate discovered by Reddit user phoisgood495. If you enlarge the image above, you will see the notice mentions that the frigate is ‘crewed by ghosts.’ Huh. That appears necessary. That appears too necessary to be left to a notice. In truth, it ought to actually be painted on the facet of the ship.

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