Accused of Rape and Torture, Exiled Afghan Vice President Returns

Mr. Faizi claimed that General Dostum’s private secretary, Jalil Sarbaz, had referred to as him in Austria and threatened his household if he talked to the information media concerning the Uzbek chief.

Mr. Sarbaz denied that, nonetheless. “We don’t have any contact with him,” he stated. “His claims are not true, what he is saying is a lie.”

Brian Glyn Williams, a University of Massachusetts professor who wrote a usually admiring biography of General Dostum, “The Last Warlord,” raised the query of how she had died throughout an interview together with his topic. “It was almost dangerous. He got angry and stormed away from the table, and didn’t come back for a week,” Mr. Williams stated.

General Dostum denied being behind her dying, and finally associated his model of occasions, the creator stated: The basic advised him that Khadija had been cleansing their home, which had a number of AK-47s hidden in it. She unintentionally tripped one which was behind a fridge, with a brush, the overall advised Mr. Williams.

Mr. Williams wrote of the overall’s account: “As the gun caught on her broom and fell sideways toward her, a coil behind the refrigerator set off the trigger on the deadly automatic weapon, he said, and it went off. The gun fell from behind the refrigerator with a bang, shooting off several shots that caused Khadija and her servants to scream in panic. As Khadija jumped away, she was shot in the chest.” Twice.

General Dostum’s spokesmen have dismissed all of the accusations towards him as concoctions by his political opponents.

Bashir Ahmad Tahyanj referred to as Mr. Ishchi’s rape cost absurd, and stated it was “a thoroughly false and made up claim.”

“In this old age, the general — a respected person, the first vice president — and Ishchi, also a 60-something year old, what wisdom and logic accepts that he would rape him?” Mr. Tahyanj stated.

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