Astronomers spoke about the importance of the moon to the Earth

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Астрономы рассказали о важности Луны для существования Земли

The most essential affect of the moon on the Earth is to stabilize weather conditions.

The satellite tv for pc gives excessive tides, low tides and shallow waters, it additionally has billions of years to stabilize the local weather.

According to the German geologist Ulrich köhler, the most essential affect of the moon on the Earth is to stabilize the weather conditions on Earth. Without a satellite tv for pc the Earth’s axis would fluctuate noticeably stronger. Thanks to the moon’s equator is at an angle of 23.5 levels to the orbit at which the Earth strikes round the Sun, and since there are completely different occasions of the 12 months.

Without the affect of the satellite tv for pc the angle of the blue planet can be modified to 85 levels, which might imply transferring the axis of rotation of the Earth to the degree of its orbit. Approximately in the similar place is Uranus, which for the first half of the 12 months turns to the Sun to the Northern hemisphere, and through the second South.

University of California researchers mentioned that the Moon has performed an enormous position in the emergence of life on Earth. They are requested to listen to minor puddles on the shores of the sea underwater at excessive tide and at low tide there are minimize off from water. In these swimming pools, there are a lot of vitamins that promote the development of microorganisms.

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