Beyoncé Fans Slam Taylor Swift’s ‘Mayochella’ Billboard Awards Performance

The “ME!” singer used a pink marching band in her act, which some argued was too much like the marching bands Beyoncé utilized in her 2018 Coachella set. That set, which was simply republicized in a Netflix documentary titled “Homecoming,” was extensively known as “Beychella” and celebrated the tradition of traditionally black faculties and universities. 

In response to Swift’s efficiency, many on Twitter started referring to her set as “Mayochella.” Additionally, side-by-side comparisons of Bey’s set vs. Tay’s set ran rampant.

The Grapevine even published a piece claiming that Swift was a “professional troll” who orchestrated her band to “get into gentrification.” 

Here’s what the backlash appeared like on Twitter:

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