Black Girl Nerds Are Finally Seeing Themselves Onscreen

“I’ve all the time been the bookworm, however you form of really feel such as you’re on an island by your self loads of the occasions, and now there’s a lot visibility.”

Posted on August four, 2018, at 11:37 a.m. ET


Letitia Wright as Shuri in Black Panther.

Growing up, Alexis Hancock was obsessive about the astronaut Mae Jemison, the primary black girl to journey in house. She additionally liked Storm from X-Men, the black mutant superhero who can management the climate, and devoured the Black Panther comedian books, that includes King T’Challa and his tech guru sister, Princess Shuri.

But along with her head in house, Hancock additionally felt remoted and alone again in the true world. “I was never really ridiculed for my nerdy inclinations, just silently siloed in my own world,” she stated. “I wasn’t really mainstream — what was popular, who was pretty. I was just sorta ignored, I guess.”

Now a 29-year-old internet developer primarily based in Oakland, California, Hancock wasn’t ready for the push of emotion she would really feel seeing Shuri come to life on the large display on this 12 months’s live-action movie. “To finally see that happen on the big screen — seeing this smart black woman being held up in her community and given the space and encouragement to do her thing,” stated Hancock. “Loads of my buddies texted me [after seeing the film] and stated that, ‘When I saw Shuri, I thought of you.’ And I used to be like, Oh my god, I’m gonna cry.

In the months that adopted the breakout efficiency of Letitia Wright as Shuri, audiences had been launched to much more sensible, succesful black girls. There was Storm Reid because the inquisitive Meg Murry in A Wrinkle in Time; there was Rihanna as an effortlessly cool hacker in Ocean’s 8, which additionally featured a short efficiency from Nathanya Alexander as RiRi’s youthful however equally sensible sister; and there was Lena Waithe because the tomboy gamer Aech/Helen in Ready Player One. Meanwhile, offscreen, black actor Noma Dumezweni wowed Broadway audiences — and snagged a Tony nomination — along with her portrayal of the wizarding brainiac Hermione in Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.

2018 is the 12 months of the black lady nerd.

While good and brainy black girls are seeing themselves mirrored in leisure in main new methods, some are additionally questioning if this development will proceed or if it’s simply one other fleeting, half-hearted try at inclusion in Hollywood.

Still, the present popular culture second feels lengthy overdue. “This was years in the making; this was world-building that I’ve never seen in Hollywood,” stated Hancock. “Seeing black people in these roles I think for once [was a] fresh perspective.”

Barry Wetcher/Warner Bros.

Rihanna as Nine Ball in Ocean’s eight.

For greater than a 12 months, Jonita Davis has been the managing editor of Black Girl Nerds, an internet site the place black girls interested by all sides of nerdom can discover neighborhood and talk about black tradition and girls’s points. She too has sensed a cultural shift, equating the present second to how the 1984 comedy Revenge of the Nerds introduced geek tradition into the mainstream for straight white males.

“If somebody cool like Rihanna is doing it, or if someone as kick-ass as [Wright] is doing it, it makes it to where it’s a lot easier for a girl to show up and start talking tech or about some of the apps she likes to make without getting a lot of backlash,” stated Davis.

Having grown up throughout a time when black nerds had been virtually completely represented by the absurdist caricature of Steve Urkel (Jaleel White) on Family Matters, Davis significantly appreciated seeing Rihanna’s assured and chill genius on show in Ocean’s eight.

“She’s kind of normalizing being a black girl being nerdy and having it be alright,” stated Davis.

“She’s kind of normalizing being a black girl being nerdy and having it be alright.”

It’s not shocking that for a very long time the movie business was reluctant to make motion pictures about black individuals, given how a lot of Hollywood’s historical past has been steeped in whiteness. A latest USC Annenberg report chronicling just the last 10 years of the top-grossing films in Hollywood discovered no vital modifications in terms of minorities in entrance of the digital camera. And in terms of these behind the scenes, the numbers are simply as unhealthy, with a 2017 Directors Guild of America report noting that numbers of ladies and minority administrators of characteristic movies had been abysmally low, accounting for 12 and 10% of flicks, respectively.

Yet due to the work of more and more highly effective administrators like Ava DuVernay, Ryan Coogler, and Barry Jenkins, increasingly black tales are being instructed — and incomes important and business success within the course of. It was Jenkins’ Moonlight that received the 2016 Oscar for Best Picture, beating out a discipline that included Hidden Figures, the box-office smash with a majority black solid that instructed the real-life story of black girls mathematicians at NASA who performed an integral position within the house race of the 1960s. “Yes, they let women do some things at NASA,” Taraji P. Henson’s character says within the movie. “And it’s not because we wear skirts. It’s because we wear glasses.”

Michael Blackmon/BuzzFeed News

At final month’s San Diego Comic-Con, the annual conference the place followers and business figures mingle and get pumped for the 12 months forward in popular culture, there have been loads of black girls who stood out of their ingenious costumes from the white fanboys with whom the occasion is normally related. Some had been dressed as Supergirl or draped of their favourite Hogwarts college students’ robes, whereas others donned selfmade Dora Milaje costumes like the feminine warriors in Black Panther. One household, the Woods, had mixed Jedi robes and lightsabers from Star Wars with Wakandan-inspired prints from Black Panther.

Jay Justice, an exhibitor who was attending Comic-Con this 12 months for the seventh or eighth time, stated social media had given individuals like her a voice. Now it feels as if Hollywood is listening.

“The media is slowly starting to cover a wider range of fans instead of just filming the cis, white, straight, able-bodied, big-tittied white girl that’s out there, and more power to them,” Justice stated. “But we’re out here too. Women of color have been here.”

Michael Blackmon/BuzzFeed News.

The Wood household at San Diego Comic-Con.

Of course, black girls nerds have taken up house in the true world for lots longer than they’ve been depicted onscreen. Sherrell Dorsey is a expertise journalist who’s been supporting entrepreneurs of colour in North Carolina from her startup BLKTECHCLT since 2016. The Charlotte consulting hub has its personal workplace — “the blackest thing you’ll ever see,” Dorsey describes it — the place Harvard Business Review magazines lay alongside Black Panther comics on espresso tables, and artwork from black artists hangs on the partitions.

Fed up with the way in which the information media would give attention to white males (“Every single story is like Zuckerberg, Musk, Gates, whatever white person just raised a million dollars without having an actual company”), she hopes the rise of the black lady nerd in popular culture will shift future narratives for individuals like her younger nieces.

“I love that right now we’re seeing a different kind of black woman onscreen, we’re seeing a different kind of black girl onscreen,” she stated. “And I’ve nieces and it’s like now I’m in a position to go and purchase them books and discover motion pictures for them to devour, and so they’ll have the ability to develop as much as see themselves in numerous capacities, even all the way down to the new Barbie doll that is a STEM black woman with kinky hair.”

“I get to go out and purchase that for my niece,” stated Dorsey. “That is going to be something that’s just part of her childhood, and she’ll never know the difference.”

Atsushi Nishijima / Disney

Storm Reid as Meg Murry in A Wrinkle in Time.

Though progress has been sluggish, black lady nerds stay longing for what these small situations of change could imply for the longer term.

“People need to understand that the problem over time with black women is that we’ve been put into a box, and we’ve been put into a singular story,” stated Hancock, the online developer. “And now I want people to world-build, whatever worlds they were building as little girls. I hope that they have these images now and that they’re able to build their own worlds and their own universes and expand on what they would like to do, because the fact is, we deserve it.”

Justice, who trekked concerning the Comic-Con conference ground in a Dora Milaje costume she made after seeing the preliminary trailer for Black Panther, hopes the inclusion received’t solely fall on the shoulders of the Shonda Rhimes and Ava DuVernays of the world.

“I want more people to have the opportunity to create these characters, create these storylines,” she stated. “We need to be not just on the page, on the stage; we need to be in the boardrooms, we need to be in the writing rooms,” she stated. “There’s loads of room on the desk. We can all be there.

Friends Eliyannah Yisrael and Marlena Free had been additionally amongst these attending the conference, the previous sporting blue Ravenclaw robes whereas the latter had chosen Slytherin inexperienced.

“It feels good to really feel seen.”

Free stated she hopes the “inspiring” prevalence of sensible black girls onscreen this 12 months exhibits that youthful ladies can “grow up and know that it’s okay to be smart.”

But for Yisrael, she’s simply glad to be dwelling on this second.

“It feels good to feel seen,” she stated. “’Cause I feel like I’ve always been the bookworm, but you kind of feel like you’re on an island by yourself a lot of the times, and now there’s so much visibility.”

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