Bradley Chubb happy to play with Von Miller, but Miller is even happier – ProFootballTalk

Bradley Chubb happy to play with Von Miller, but Miller is even happier – ProFootballTalk

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Bradley Chubb stated he anticipated his household again residence to be “going crazy” after the Broncos made him the fifth total choose. The North Carolina State move rusher hadn’t seen Von Miller‘s response when he stated that.

No one went crazier over the Broncos’ choice of Chubb than Miller, who had a video posted on social media of him operating and leaping round, screaming in delight whereas watching the draft in Las Vegas.

The Broncos handed on quarterbacks Josh Allen and Josh Rosen to pair Chubb with Miller, and Chubb can’t wait to be taught from Miller.

“I feel like he’s one of the best,” Chubb stated. “Being a rookie coming in there, I feel like it’ll be good to go in there and start something on your own. But for me, coming in there and watching what he does and seeing his routine, seeing how he operates and seeing what made him so good, I feel like that’s going to help me and take my game to a whole other level than me just going into a situation who had the guy right now. I’m glad I have this experience and I’m going to take full advantage of it for sure.”

Many, maybe even Chubb, thought the Browns would use the fourth selection on Chubb. Instead, Cleveland picked Ohio State cornerback Denzel Ward. That left Chubb for the Broncos.

“I wasn’t too surprised, just because I know at the draft anything can happen,” Chubb stated of the Browns taking Ward. “My agent told me right before we went out, ‘Don’t be surprised about anything.’ So I wasn’t surprised when that happened. It would have been great opportunity there as well, but I’m glad I stayed around, and I’m going to learn from the best now.”

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