California Today: How Does Trump Play Into the Governor’s Race?

Mr. Trump’s endorsement tweet was even pasted to the backside of reports releases despatched by the marketing campaign.

Mr. Cox has not solely rejected the detrimental assaults on the White House by California Democrats, however has additionally sought to flip these critiques again onto liberals by emphasizing excessive taxes and excessive charges of poverty and homelessness in the state. “It wasn’t Donald Trump that made California the highest-taxed state in the country; it was Gavin Newsom and the Democrats,” he mentioned.

Mr. Newsom, for his half, has already proven his need to border the contest as a referendum on Mr. Trump’s agenda, and has painted Mr. Cox as a surrogate for the president.

“We’re engaged in an epic battle, and it looks like voters will have a real choice this November — between a governor who is going to stand up against Donald Trump and a foot soldier in his war on California,” Mr. Newsom instructed supporters in San Francisco.

Mr. Cox faces lengthy odds in California, with or with out Mr. Trump’s assist.

Mr. Newsom “can run as hard left as he wants and as long as he attacks Trump two or three times a day, he’ll be just fine,” mentioned Dan Schnur, who was an adviser to the former Republican governor Pete Wilson. “The only thing better than winning big for Newsom would be to goad Trump into the race.”

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