Cappies review: St. Francis Xavier High School presents The Wizard of Oz

Show #17: The Wizard of Oz

Where: St. Francis Xavier High School

Director: Kate Turnbull

Mary Bagley, Ireland Huibers, Benjamin Smith and Bryce Batten carry out as The Cowardly Lion, Dorothy, The Tin Man and The Scarecrow throughout St. Francis Xavier’s Cappies manufacturing of The Wizard of Oz on Apr. 12 2019; in Ottawa, Ontario.

Trisha Desroches

The supporting forged featured various gifted people. For one, Bryce Batten’s physicality as Scarecrow was spectacular. From the second he was launched from his pole, his unsteadiness as a person made of straw was instantly obvious in a number of skilfully executed falls and a constant wobble. The exaggerated portrayal of cowardice by Mary Bagley within the fixed clutching of her tail and nasal supply contrasted her guttural “roars” for an efficient comedian efficiency as Lion. The crazed hearth in Amanda Hawes’ eyes mixed together with her distinctly scrunched-up facial options and periodic screeches, which created a wonderfully demented Wicked Witch of the West that screamed evil.

Hair and make-up served to boost characters’ roles and personalities. Particularly profitable appears included Lion’s large frizzy hair to suggest a mane in addition to distinction her nervousness by underlying her precise large character, and the worry-lines and wrinkles that outlined the faces of the previous couple, Aunt Em and Uncle Henry. Furthermore, Lisa Uchelimafor outdid herself together with her composition of 4 unique songs, “Just the Way I like It” standing out for its malicious cello line contributing to the grim environment of the witch’s lair.

With admirable dedication and a hefty serving to of coronary heart, St. Francis Xavier High School’s rendition of The Wizard of Oz was true to the spirit of the timeless story.

Timothy Brochez (left), Claire Ponesse (second from the left) and Elijah Dorval carried out in St. Francis Xavier’s High School’s Cappies manufacturing of the Wizard of Oz, on April 12, 2019, in Ottawa, Ont.

Matteo Edirisinghe

Isabella MacKay performed the position of the endearing Aunt Em with ease and sincerity, expressing her nurturing nature as a maternal determine to Dorothy. She maintained a crisp Southern accent all through the size of the efficiency. MacKay displayed uncooked emotion and vulnerability, conveying her character’s despair and sorrow when Dorothy went lacking after the tornado.

The Cyclonic Sets astutely created a vivid Oz via the use of iridescent emerald gildings, whereas the periaktoi design allowed for performance among the many items. The workforce’s stylistic selections consisted of a stark distinction between Kansas and Oz via the intelligent juxtaposition of colors, reinforcing Dorothy’s displacement from the awful prairies to a gleaming land. Similarly, the Emerald City Outfitters included immaculate detailing to their costumes, such because the an identical sample on Dorothy’s monochromatic and colored attire, whereas the Somewhere Over the Makeup Palette Hair and Makeup Crew designed a spread of artistic guises equivalent to Lion’s mane and Tin Woodman’s metallic look.

The forged and crew of St. Francis Xavier High School’s rendition of The Wizard of Oz delightfully retold a story of camaraderie and compassion with enchantment and enthusiasm, reminding us that there’s “no place like home.”

St. Francis Xavier’s High School’s Cappies manufacturing of the Wizard of Oz.

Malcolm Benjamin Clegg

The actors all the time performed properly off one another. Bryce Batten was hilarious because the Scarecrow, and carried out with a stage of comedic physicality that introduced the straw man to life. The Munchkin ensemble’s high-spirited hijinks made Dorothy’s arrival in Munchkinland one of probably the most memorable moments of the present. Although not all of the ensemble had the identical vocal capacity, the partaking choreography made every quantity shine.

The costumes, hair and make-up created a magical world and made difficult characters, equivalent to Cowardly Lion and Tin Woodsman, look nice. The units successfully distinguished between the places: the Kansas units have been drab and monochromatic, whereas Oz was energetic and kaleidoscopic. The lighting additionally contrasted places compellingly and emphasised characters’ feelings and personalities.

St. Francis Xavier’s bubbly, whimsical manufacturing of The Wizard of Oz confirmed actual coronary heart, in addition to braveness and mind. Add to that an amazing sense of humour and gifted performers; it’s no marvel that the Coyote Cast and Crew swept their viewers up and away.

St. Francis Xavier’s High School’s Cappies manufacturing of the Wizard of Oz.

Malcolm Benjamin Clegg

As the villain of the present, Amanda Hawes performed the Wicked Witch of the West with maniacal smiles and psychotic laughs, delivering a efficiency resembling the likeness of a fairy-tale villain. Kaitlyn Hughes employed over-the-top facial expressions and efficient physique language to play the Guardian of the Emerald City. Moreover, Claire Ponesse and Tim Brochez as Lunchkin and Dunchkin performed off of one another to ship a comedic scene, with exaggerated sighs and exasperated outbursts.

Lisa Uchelimafor composed and wrote a handful of songs for the manufacturing, infusing her work with the fanciful nature of the story with intelligent rhymes. The hair, make-up, and costumes of the varied characters suited their personalities, with standout components equivalent to glittering make-up and a home made model of Dorothy’s iconic gown. Gels have been utilized creatively for lighting facets such because the Good Witch of the West’s pink bubble. The units made the excellence clear between the black and white world of Kansas and the colorful land of Oz. Also, the sound crew constantly managed a quantity of shared microphones with out points.

St. Francis Xavier High School utilized imaginative technical selections and enthusiastic forged performances so as to supply all of the magic and enjoyable for which The Wizard of Oz is famed.

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