Cyclic cosmology: scientists have shared a new theory about the Universe

Cyclic cosmology: scientists have shared a new theory about the Universe

Циклическая космология: ученые поделились новой теорией о Вселенной

The new theory is sort of uncommon.

According to the newest scientific researches in area may be stored proof of previous Universes – black holes that have survived from the earlier cycle, based on the Chronicle.information on the subject of the information of the world.

Some scientists consider that the universe is periodically compressed and explodes once more. This theory has acquired the identify of vacationers cyclic cosmology.

At every change cycle greater than half the Universe is destroyed ceaselessly, however some spectra nonetheless survive the recycling course of. Roger Penrose of Oxford University notes that the background radiation arising throughout major recombination of hydrogen may be a residual a part of the Universe from the earlier interval.

This theory form of confirms the theory of Hawking. A physicist of world renown have decided that black holes throughout the collapse in area emit particles, often known as Hawking particles. If the presence of those particles will be capable of show by experiments, then scientists will be capable of acquire knowledge on the interval of transition final Universe to the current.

In battle theory, some consultants say that the universe is ours for all durations has expanded in order that it’s unlikely the most lower at one level.

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