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Back Story

In a current reference to the volcanic eruption in Hawaii, a caption in the Morning Briefing confused tea leaves with ti leaves. (A particular mahalo to our readers in Hawaii and elsewhere who alerted us.)

After correcting our mistake, we wished to be taught extra.

Those are ti leaves (not tea leaves), and they play an necessary function in Hawaiian tradition.CreditTamir Kalifa for The New York Times

The ti plant, or lau-ki, is thought scientifically as Cordyline fruticosa. It was taken to Hawaii by historical Polynesian settlers, who believed that it had protecting energy. But it has been utilized in just about every way imaginable.

Its slender leaves grow up to two feet long and may be inexperienced, purple, purple and different colours — engaging additions to leis, desk settings and floral preparations.

Water runs off their waxy surfaces, so the leaves are helpful for thatched roofs, footwear and hula skirts.

The plant serves each as a meals wrapper and as meals itself: The roots may be become liquor or a candy. It has medicinal makes use of as effectively.

Ti leaves are additionally used as offerings to Pele, the Hawaiian goddess of volcanoes, in the hope of halting lava flows. Plants are positioned round houses to dispel evil.

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