ESA and NASA to investigate bringing Martian soil to Earth

ESA and NASA to investigate bringing Martian soil to Earth

Martian soil. Credit: NASA

ESA and NASA signed an announcement of intent in the present day to discover ideas for missions to convey samples of martian soil to Earth.

Spacecraft in orbit and on Mars’s floor have made many thrilling discoveries, reworking our understanding of the planet and unveiling clues to the formation of our Solar System, in addition to serving to us perceive our residence planet. The subsequent step is to convey samples to Earth for detailed evaluation in subtle laboratories the place outcomes might be verified independently and samples might be reanalysed as laboratory methods proceed to enhance.

Mars on Earth

Bringing Mars to Earth isn’t any easy enterprise—it could require at the least three missions from Earth and one never-been-done-before rocket launch from Mars.

A primary , NASA’s 2020 Mars Rover, is about to gather floor samples in pen-sized canisters because it explores the Red Planet. Up to 31 canisters can be crammed and readied for a later pickup – geocaching gone interplanetary.

In the identical interval, ESA’s ExoMars rover, which can also be set to land on Mars in 2021, can be drilling up to two meters beneath the floor to seek for proof of life.

A second mission with a small fetch rover would land close by and retrieve the samples in a martian search-and-rescue operation. This rover would convey the samples again to its lander and place them in a Mars Ascent Vehicle – a small rocket to launch the football-sized container into Mars orbit.

A 3rd launch from Earth would offer a spacecraft despatched to orbit Mars and rendezvous with the pattern containers. Once the samples are safely collected and loaded into an Earth entry car, the spacecraft would return to Earth, launch the car to land within the United States, the place the samples can be retrieved and positioned in quarantine for detailed evaluation by a crew of worldwide scientists.

ExoMars rover 360. Credit: ESA/ATG medialab

Studying ideas

The assertion signed in the present day on the ILA Berlin air present by ESA’s Director of Human and Robotic Exploration, David Parker, and NASA’s Associate Administrator for the Science Mission Directorate, Thomas Zurbuchen, outlines the potential roles every area company may fulfil and how they will supply mutual assist.

David says: “A Mars pattern return mission is a tantalising however achievable imaginative and prescient that lies on the intersection of many good causes to discover area.

“There isn’t any query that for a planetary scientist, the prospect to convey pristine, rigorously chosen samples of the Red Planet again to Earth for examination utilizing the very best services is a mouth-watering prospect. Reconstructing the historical past of Mars and answering questions of its previous are solely two areas of discovery that can be dramatically superior by such a mission.

“The challenges of going to Mars and back demand that they are addressed by an international and commercial partnership – the best of the best. At ESA, with our 22 member states and further cooperating partners, international cooperation is part of our DNA.”

“Previous Mars missions revealed ancient streambeds and the right chemistry that could have supported microbial life on the Red Planet,” mentioned Thomas, “a pattern would offer a important leap ahead in our understanding of Mars’s potential to harbour life.

“I look forward to connecting and collaborating with international and commercial partners on tackling the exciting technological challenges ahead—that would allow us to bring home a sample of Mars.”

The outcomes of the mission research can be introduced at ESA’s council at ministerial stage in 2019 for a call to proceed growing these missions.

Infrastructure in place

ESA’s ExoMars orbiter is already circling Mars to investigate its environment. This week it transmitted knowledge from NASA’s Curiosity rover to Earth, proving its value as a relay satellite tv for pc as properly. This collaboration demonstrates good cooperation with NASA and supplies a necessary communications infrastructure across the Red Planet.

Findings from the ExoMars rover mission could assist resolve which samples to retailer and convey to Earth through the Mars pattern return mission.

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