I Watched Netflix’s “The Kissing Booth” Because Everyone’s Been Talking About It And Here’s How It Went

Number of combat scenes: Too many to rely. This was like a love story squeezed right into a Worldstar combat comp.

Number of scenes with In-N-Out burgers in it: One, about 15 minutes in, and I have not stopped craving a Double-Double since.

Rom-com score: 7/10

Should there be a sequel?: If Vin Diesel can get nevertheless many sequels he is gotten after driving a automotive between skyscrapers, then damnit, The Kissing Booth 2 deserves a inexperienced gentle.

Should you watch: You ought to test it out if you happen to like teen romance, rom-coms and/or tacky motion pictures. Before beginning it, please mentally put together to endure most cheesiness so you are not anticipating some kind of Oscar-worthy love story.

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