Jeff Bezos says Amazon is ready for a debate about regulation after Donald Trump's repeated attacks on the company

Jeff Bezos says Amazon is ready for a debate about regulation after Donald Trump's repeated attacks on the company

Jeff Bezos
Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos.


Jeff Bezos has mentioned that Amazon is ready for a debate about its huge scale after coming beneath repeated assault from US President Donald Trump.

Trump has called out Amazon in a number of tweets in recent months, questioning its influence on the US Postal Office, the quantity of tax it pays, and the potential hurt it is inflicting different retailers.

Bezos mentioned it is proper that governments and the public need to examine the energy of big tech corporations — and he would not take the urge for regulation personally.

“If you look at the big tech companies, they have gotten large enough that they are going to be inspected. It’s not personal,” Bezos mentioned at an occasion hosted by Business Insider US Editor in Chief Alyson Shontell in Germany on Tuesday, the place he was awarded a prize for enterprise innovation and social duty by Business Insider’s dad or mum company Axel Springer.

The Amazon CEO mentioned policing the energy of on-line corporations is “one of the great questions of our age” as a result of as the web has reached a degree of maturity over the previous decade “we haven’t learned as a civilization, as a human species, how to operate it yet.”

Donald Trump with tech CEOs Tim Cook, Satya Nadella, and Jeff Bezos.

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Amazon, Bezos mentioned, is ready to assist educate regulators and can work with no matter new constraints it is given — even when they’ve damaging penalties for the company.

“We have a duty, on behalf of society, to try and help educate any regulators, give them our view on this, sincerely without any cynicism or skepticism,” he mentioned in a dialog with Axel Springer CEO Mathias Döpfner.

“So we will work with any set of regulations we are given. Ultimately, society decides that, and we will follow those rules, regardless of the impact that they have on our business. And we will find a new way, if need be, to delight customers.”

Bezos did clarify, nonetheless, that the urge to curb the energy of corporations like Amazon, Facebook, and Google, needs to be balanced with the have to proceed incentivising innovation in the tech business.

“What I would not want to see happen is you do not want to block invention and innovation. One of the unintended consequences of regulation is that it really favours the incumbents,” he mentioned.

“Amazon at this point is an incumbent, so maybe I should be happy about that, but I wouldn’t be. For society, you really want to see continued progress. You want to be sure regulation is incentivising innovation.”

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