Jonathan Van Ness Schooled His Fellow “Queer Eye” Hosts About That Gay Wedding Cake Case

In case you want a refresher on the case, this story started in 2012 when Charlie Craig and Dave Mullins filed a discrimination grievance towards Jack Phillips, the proprietor of Masterpiece Cakeshop, after he refused to make a cake for his or her marriage ceremony on the premise of his non secular beliefs.

The Colorado Civil Rights Commission and Colorado Supreme Court supported the homosexual couple, however Phillips took his case to the Supreme Court and won earlier this month. But…the case was selected pretty slender grounds associated to the “hostile” deliberation of the Commission, disappointing those who wanted a clear ruling on the difficulty.

Just take a look at this trade when Porowski tried to interject:

AP: I believe we’re making a number of assumptions concerning the baker.

JVN: No. I’ve truly executed a number of analysis on this. I’m very well-versed on this case.

AP: No, no, no —

JVN: I’m not making too many assumptions. I allow you to end your level on the baker and eager to work with him, so I’m going to complete mine. This is somebody who has led a cost from the fanatical wing of the U.S. to disenfranchise homosexual individuals and additional feed the flames of the proper, who says we’re evil and shouldn’t have the proper to marry. Exactly what’s happening with Roe v. Wade would be the case for homosexual marriage if these identical individuals proceed to win Supreme Court choices like they only received. So by legitimizing them, particularly the person who has stoked such an intense case towards marriage equality, that additionally presents such an enormous bone within the aspect of furthering marriage equality. Because regardless that this resolution was shut and it didn’t reverse the choice of the Ninth District and the Colorado board that decides the governing ethics that this baker reversed, that Supreme Court resolution wasn’t super-duper clear as a result of it didn’t reverse the preliminary…

“But once you’ve lived a struggle that is not the struggle you’d have growing up in Montreal or Houston or a bigger city, and really had those people’s policies affect your local life, you have to be very careful,” he stated.

“Especially given the opportunity the five of us have been given. To have this platform and have these followers, to be taking interviews and to say lightly that you’d take him [put the baker on the show], I don’t know.”

AP: When I first met him and he had a Trump banner on his factor, I wished to get the hell out of there.

JVN: Right. But that is somebody who was vetted and okay to be round us, and the baker of the fucking baking store that has spent his life’s mission … I’m telling you. Are you kidding me? Have you learn the story?

AP: No!

JVN: So you’d know, if you happen to did, that I’m not making a number of this up.

AP: I simply wish to go and speak to the man, since you hear a lot shit …

JVN: Well, good luck to you. Read the article.

AP: Look, we’ve made errors as nicely. I’m not … [sighs]

JVN: Next query?

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