Josh Norman thinks the NFL should ignore Donald Trump

Josh Norman thinks the NFL should ignore Donald Trump

We should let gamers run the NFL. Then perhaps we wouldn’t nonetheless be speaking about the nationwide anthem.

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers mentioned the league should ignore President Donald Trump’s mean tweets because it pertains to gamers demonstrating throughout the nationwide anthem. He was proper. Washington Redskins cornerback Josh Norman adopted that up with some colourful frequent sense about what the NFL should do about Trump.

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Norman thinks the NFL should ignore him too. He can be proper.

Josh Norman explains how the NFL should deal with Trump

Someone should body what Norman told The Ringer’s Kevin Clark about the anthem situation, and place it in an easy-to-find spot in the NFL’s workplaces. Because it’s blunt and the most correct rationalization of why the NFL is screwing up by making an attempt to appease a president that has already advised the homeowners, appropriately, that criticizing gamers demonstrating throughout the nationwide anthem is a “winning, strong issue” for him along with his supporters.

“You continue to do what you do, because guess what. You have a product, and that product is f—ing banking,” Norman advised The Ringer. “It’s the No. 2 product in the world outside of soccer — you cannot beat it. Those checks will keep coming regardless of what you do. I wouldn’t tell them to do a f—ing thing. This guy is going to [be] out of office in two years. I think we’ll be OK. Trust me: The accounts will be fine. I wouldn’t put emphasis on it. Because the fans are going come. It’s not like you’ve got scabs on the field like in 1987. So what if it’s a down year? Who gives a f—? Next year you’ll be great. It’s not going to catastrophically disappear because one guy said something.”

You can’t presumably put the situation into any less complicated phrases. Norman is spot on. The NFL has an unbelievable product and retains taking consideration away from it.

The anthem overshadowing the NFL but once more

Of course, the NFL homeowners screwed this all up. Why, with so many desirable matters surrounding the NFL this preseason, is the nationwide anthem overshadowing every thing once more? It’s mind-numbing that that is occurring for a 3rd straight season.

The NFL enacted a coverage that no person preferred, by which gamers needed to stand for the anthem or keep in the locker room, and it was so poorly obtained that they needed to put a maintain on it whereas they mentioned it with the NFLPA. Trump nonetheless ripped the league anyway, which is precisely what he predicted he would do when he famously advised Cowboys proprietor Jerry Jones (by way of the Wall Street Journal) about the anthem situation, “This one lifts me.” Everyone knew this was coming when the NFL enacted its coverage in May, besides the NFL.

Whether Norman is correct about his proclamation that Trump shall be out of workplace in two years stays to be seen, however the relaxation is sensible. The NFL has the hottest and worthwhile sports activities league in American historical past. Other than greed over not wanting to present again even just a few of the a number of billion it makes, there was no purpose to overreact to criticism. As Norman mentioned, the product is (expletive) banking.

Of course, there’s irony in Rodgers and Norman saying the NFL should ignore Trump. There’s a superb probability Trump catches wind of Norman’s statements and responds — “This one lifts me” and all — and the cycle will begin once more.

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