Let’s Unpack That Insane “Infinity War” Ending Together

Like Coulson mentioned all the way in which again in The Avengers, “This was never gonna work if they didn’t have something to…” after which he died, however his level lives: the Avengers want one thing (or somebody) to avenge. A serious demise in their very own ranks would bind them for the foreseeable future. It’s only a matter of who.

As pissed as I’m that we would by no means see his wedding ceremony, Tony Stark may undoubtedly die. Infinity War made it clear that not even Pepper can get him to take the Iron Man swimsuit off. The possibilities of Tony ever retiring are slim to none. Plus, his protégé Peter Parker is simply starting his solo film profession. Spider-Man would profit narratively from dropping one more father determine and his tech benefactor. However, Thanos defeated Tony already and virtually killed him, which is why my cash’s on Steve Rogers.

Steve had a reasonably small position on this film, however he is primed to take the lead in Avengers four as one of many six surviving members of the staff. He has a Captain America inheritor obvious in Bucky, who’s been to Spa Wakanda and even referred to himself as a “semi-stable man” within the film. Progress!

Most importantly, Steve hasn’t actually confronted Thanos but. During the ultimate battle in Wakanda, the one Avenger who briefly holds Thanos up is nice ol’ Steve Rogers. Thanos seems to be at him with some type of uncharacteristic emotion — possibly confusion at Cap’s surprising power, or possibly (hopefully) worry.

Either means, as unhappy as you are actually, take into consideration how unhappy you may be subsequent 12 months when somebody truly dies.

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