New York Today: Suicide Resources in the City

How can I inform if somebody near me is considering suicide?

“There are indicators,” Dr. Iyer stated, together with speaking about desirous to die and on the lookout for a method to perform it. A doubtlessly suicidal individual might speak about feeling trapped, hopeless or as if there isn’t any motive to reside, and will focus on bodily or emotional ache. Other indicators embody elevated alcohol and drug use, more and more harmful conduct, modifications to sleep patterns and isolation.

How can I assist?

Ask them. “If you’re worried that someone is having suicidal thoughts, ask them,” Dr. Iyer stated. “There’s a common myth that if you ask somebody if they’re having thoughts of suicide, you’re going to put that thought in their head. We know that’s not the case.” And if you ask, she added, “give them the space to tell you what they’re feeling.”

Keep them secure. “If they’re telling you they’re having thoughts of suicide, ask them if they’ve thought of how they would do it,” she stated. If somebody had thought-about shopping for a gun, “then help them plan for their safety by taking away the lethal means.”

Other issues you are able to do: Be there for them, assist them hook up with sources, after which observe up. “Let them know that you care,” Dr. Iyer stated. “That goes a long way.” (More sources will be discovered at

What are issues I shouldn’t say or do?

“It isn’t helpful to negate or invalidate,” Dr. Iyer stated. “Like, ‘No, you’re not really feeling that way.’” That stops the dialog, she stated. “Anything that will shut the person down and prevent them from letting you in isn’t helpful.”

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