Opinion | Bill’s Belated #MeToo Moment

So it got here as a shock to him when he had no extra skirts to cover behind when Craig Melvin requested on the “Today” present whether or not his actions within the ’90s would fly within the #MeToo period. Bill went to his typical go-to: his glorious file on appointing girls. But that Faustian deal of doing good for all girls whereas being unhealthy with just a few was not on the desk.

“How would you have approached the accusations differently, or would you have?” Melvin requested.

“Well,” he replied, “I don’t think it would be an issue because people would be using the facts, instead of the imagined facts.”

So listed here are the information, which had been as clear 20 years in the past as they’re now.

When Monica Lewinsky got here into the Oval Office and flashed her thong, Bill Clinton ought to have stated: “Young lady, go back to your office. I am the president of the United States.” Like Humphrey Bogart in “Casablanca,” Bill ought to have been doing the considering for each of them.

The energy differential between a 22-year-old intern and a 49-year-old boss makes any sexual interplay fallacious. And in the event you throw in the truth that he was president — the nation’s dad or mum and somebody serving in loco parentis for the youngest White House staffers — it’s an inexcusable abuse of energy. Gloria Steinem was off-base when she tried to bolster Clinton in a Times op-ed because the scandal unspooled, writing that “welcome sexual behavior is about as relevant to sexual harassment as borrowing a car is to stealing one.”

It took Lewinsky herself 20 years to type via the trauma and begin shifting past what she calls her PTSD. As she wrote in an eloquent March Vanity Fair piece, “I’m beginning to entertain the notion that in such a circumstance the idea of consent might well be rendered moot.”

It was Trump-level narcissism and selfishness on Bill Clinton’s half to power the high-ranking girls in his interior circle — Hillary, Madeleine Albright and Donna Shalala — to go earlier than the cameras and vouch for him when he knew the reality and will merely have admitted it, moderately than mendacity, parsing and besmirching.

The feminists misplaced their approach performing as human shields, letting Clinton Inc. demonize the keen and unwilling girls in Bill’s life and deal with them as collateral harm, human sacrifices to the sisters’ dream of a feminist president and first girl.

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