People Are Saying They Wanna Fuck Venom Now, So Forget About Pennywise

“Venom, what that tongue do?”

Hi guys. Yesterday, the second trailer for Venom dropped, giving us our first take a look at the basic Spider-Man villain’s face.

As you’ll be able to see, Venom’s face is COMPLETELY TERRIFYING.

As you can see, Venom's face is COMPLETELY TERRIFYING.

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I imply, sure, Venom is performed by Tom Hardy, however come on, folks.

I mean, yes, Venom is played by Tom Hardy, but come on, people.

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So… Fuck/Marry/Kill — Venom/Fish Man/Pennywise?

So... Fuck/Marry/Kill — Venom/Fish Man/Pennywise?

Anyway, y’all want Jesus. Goodnight.

Anyway, y'all need Jesus. Goodnight.

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