Plan to Storm Fence Gets Bloody Preview in Gaza

He stated the hassle to breach the fence “shows exactly what we are talking about.”

“This is not a peaceful demonstration,” he stated. “There’s nothing serene about this. They’re trying to infiltrate into Israel, damage our infrastructure and kill Israelis.”

Reminded that Israel’s critics have denounced the nation for attacking unarmed demonstrators with lethal power, Colonel Conricus stated: “They aren’t the ones defending Israeli citizens from a hateful mob of thousands of Palestinians. It doesn’t matter if someone is carrying flowers if he’s tearing down the fence. That’s a violent threat.”

Friday’s demonstration on the japanese fringe of Gaza City — adjoining to the outdated Karni Crossing, a cargo terminal that allowed items to cross between Israel and Gaza till it was shut down in 2011 — had been largely peaceable till late in the afternoon.

But then the senior Hamas chief Ismail Radwan gave a rousing speech, urging the protesters not to concern demise however to welcome martyrdom.

“When we are brave, we are getting closer toward martyrdom, martyrdom, martyrdom,” he stated.

Thousands started streaming towards the barrier fence, setting off an incredible barrage of tear fuel from the Israeli aspect that didn’t deter many.

Mr. Radwan thundered on: “We say to Nikki Haley, to Netanyahu, to the criminal Lieberman” — referring to the United States ambassador to the United Nations, the Israeli prime minister and Israel’s protection minister, Avigdor Lieberman — “we are afraid neither of death nor of martyrdom.”

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