Red Sox say report of investigation involving Hanley Ramirez was news to them

Red Sox say report of investigation involving Hanley Ramirez was news to them

BOSTON – A report of a felony investigation involving Hanley Ramirez on Friday known as into query the Red Sox‘ motives for slicing ties with the slugger roughly a month in the past.

Michele McPhee, an investigative reporter who’s affiliated with ABC News and Newsweek in accordance to her Twitter biography, on Friday afternoon wrote that Ramirez “was being eyed in an ongoing federal and state investigation” associated to a drug ring.

Red Sox spokesman Kevin Gregg mentioned the crew discovered concerning the matter solely when a reporter inquired and that Ramirez was launched for baseball causes. Major League Baseball, which appeared equally shocked, had no remark. Neither occasion confirmed the presence of an investigation.

Ramirez, in a press release issued through his company, mentioned that he’s unaware of any state or federal investigation involving him.

Shortly after her Tweet, McPhee elaborated in an interview with 98.5 The Sports Hub.

“Obviously, I know absolutely nothing about sports or Hanley Ramirez’s stats, but what I do know is crime,” McPhee mentioned, through The Sports Hub’s web site. “And there has been some reports about a FaceTime phone call that was made between a man during a car stop. After that car stop, police recovered a significant amount of drugs. And during that car stop, the suspect claimed that one of the items found in the vehicle belonged to Hanley Ramirez and then FaceTimed [Ramirez] in front of police. And that car stop coordinated with the timing of his release from the Red Sox.” 

The one who was pulled over was discovered with “435 grams of fentanyl as well as a large amount of crack cocaine,” McPhee mentioned.

“There is a sweeping federal case involving a substantial ring that’s being operated out of Lawrence, Massachusetts,” McPhee mentioned. “And I think the suspect had ties to that ring.”


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