Taylor Swift Is Building A Giant Wall Around Her Beverly Hills Home

Taylor Swift desires her house to be left alone, so she’s taking a cue from President Donald Trump and constructing a wall. Though this wall looks like it’s really wanted.

Swift’s Beverly Hills house presently includes a surrounding seven-foot wall, however now, according to building documents acquired by TMZ, she’s including a 12- to 14-foot inside wall, too. The second will serve to “improve security and privacy on the subject property due to multiple attempts by people to enter the property over the existing, lower perimeter wall.”

The Grammy winner has been plagued in recent months by stalkers attempting to get into her a number of residences. In April, a person carrying a masks and gloves was arrested outdoors Swift’s Beverly Hills mansion. Police searched the person’s automobile and located a knife, rope and ammunition.

The following week, police discovered an intruder sleeping in Swift’s Manhattan house, although thankfully, the singer was not there on the time.

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