Taylor Swift: Trump Is ‘Gaslighting The American Public’

There’s an excellent risk Taylor Swift goes to be the topic of Donald Trump’s subsequent Twitter rant after she accused him of adjusting the nation’s route for the more serious.

The singer celebrated the discharge of her new album, “Lover,” partly by calling out the president as a would-be autocrat.

Swift told The Guardian that she feels Trump and his administration are “gaslighting the American public into being like, ‘If you hate the president, you hate America.’”

She additionally accused Trump of not believing in one of many nation’s core beliefs.

“We’re a democracy ― at least, we’re supposed to be ― where you’re allowed to disagree, dissent, debate,” she mentioned. “I really think that he thinks this is an autocracy.”

Swift’s willingness to talk out towards the present administration is a change from 2016, when she didn’t formally endorse both Trump or Hillary Clinton for president.

It’s a call she informed the paper she made on the time as a result of she was going by way of a interval of private turbulence.

“I was just trying to protect my mental health ― not read the news very much, go cast my vote, tell people to vote,” she mentioned. “I just knew what I could handle and I knew what I couldn’t. I was literally about to break.”

Previously, Swift mentioned she apprehensive that endorsing Clinton might be a liability for the candidate, however now she feels “really remorseful” for not formally not doing so.

Things are totally different now. Swift has pledged to “do everything I can for 2020.”

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