The International Space Station Keeps a Guitar Onboard for Psychological Reasons

The International Space Station Keeps a Guitar Onboard for Psychological Reasons

Anybody who got to watch astronaut Chris Hadfield rock out to David Bowie’s Space Oddity from the International Space Station (ISS) will know that there is a guitar in house. 

Specifically, it is a Larrivée P-01 guitar, and the guitar grew to become so synonymous with house following the efficiency that Larrivée now calls it the “P-01 ISS” to remind people who this is the house guitar. But curiously, the guitar is not simply there as a result of Hadfield needed an instrument to play in Earth’s orbit. 

Having lengthy since returned to Earth, the retired Hadfield recently explained on Twitter that the guitar was truly there for scientific causes. NASA psychiatrists had sent the instrument up to the ISS way back in 2001 for psychological well being causes.

The guitar was launched into house not solely to assist resolve any “cabin fever” from being cooped up within the ISS, however to assist them address the jarring change in perspective that comes from wanting down on the pale blue dot the place all of us reside. An instrument provides a “link to home”, according to former NASA astronaut Carl Walz.

For any house musicians who have different skillsets, the ISS additionally has a flute, guitar, saxophone, and even a didgeridoo for the identical causes. It’s removed from the one time that NASA has given the crew enjoyable issues to attach them again to their dwelling planet beneath them – simply earlier this 12 months, the six astronauts onboard engaged in a zero gravity badminton tournament.

It would not seem that the guitar adjustments a lot in house, as there’s not a lot that zero gravity can do the strings or whatnot. And the guitar had a fairly huge influence on the crew, who’ve since requisitioned a second guitar.

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