The World's Largest Iceberg Is Melting Away

The World’s Largest Iceberg Is Melting Away

After 18 years of drifting at sea, transferring with the currents and battered by wind and water, the world’s largest iceberg is reaching its finish. Iceberg B-15 first broke away from Antarctica’s Ross Ice Shelf in March 2000. It was about 17-miles lengthy and 25 miles huge, with an space of four,250 sq. miles, almost as massive as Connecticut. Since then, the iceberg has been fracturing into smaller items, most of which have melted away. Only two items stay sufficiently big (at the least 20 sq. nautical miles) to be tracked by the National Ice Center.

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NASA astronauts shot an aerial of B-15Z on May 22nd, and located that the as soon as big ice berg is now simply 10 nautical miles lengthy and 5 nautical miles huge, with a big fracture alongside its middle, and smaller items splintering at its edge. While it is nonetheless a trackable dimension, it could not stay for for much longer.


The iceberg piece has travelled some three-quarters of the best way round Antarctica, however encountered currents close to the tip of the continent that pressured it to go North, in direction of dangerously hotter climates. Its location does not bode nicely for the ice berg. ‚ÄúSpoiler alert: they have an inclination to pond with water, which then works its means by means of the iceberg like a set of knives. Icebergs that make it this far have been identified to quickly soften and finish their life cycles right here,” Kelly Brunt, a glaciologist at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center defined.

(through NASA Earth Observatory)

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