Asteroid twice the size of cricket field just flew past Earth safely

Asteroid twice the size of cricket field just flew past Earth safely

An asteroid bigger than the size of a cricket field just flew past Earth from a protected distance. As per the stories, the asteroid dubbed 2010 WC9 made the closest strategy to Earth at 6:05 p.m. EDT at a distance of about 126,000 miles which is almost half the distance between our planet and its moon. Moving sooner than a bullet, the asteroid measuring almost 130 metres in diameter whiz past Earth at velocity of 29,000 miles per hour.

The asteroid went past Earth with out inflicting any hurt. “We knew enough not to be worried,” mentioned Dr. Paul Chodas, director of the Center for Near-Earth Object Studies at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California. An asteroid roughly the size of 2010 WC9 collides with Earth solely about as soon as each 6,000 years, Chodas mentioned. “There are no objects that have been identified that are known to be on a collision course with Earth.”

As The TeCake beforehand reported, this long-lost asteroid was initially noticed by the “Catalina Sky Survey at the University of Arizona” on 30th November again in the yr 2010. It was watched over until December 2010 after which it grew to become faint. After a couple of weeks, the scientists misplaced monitor of the asteroid. However, the asteroid has now paid a go to after eight lengthy years on eightth May this yr and its exercise had initially made the researchers suspicious.

As per the newest stories, the asteroid wouldn’t hit the Earth. The 2010 WC9 is arriving inside about “0.53 lunar-distances” from our planet. It may be inferred from this that the asteroid would go someplace halfway in between the moon and the Earth.

The object was reportedly imaged twice. It was initially imaged on 9th May when it was briefly known as ZJ99C60. The specialists, not having the ability to fully comprehend the asteroid, once more re-imaged it on 10th May and named it as 2010 WC9. The asteroid 2010 WC9 of “18th magnitude” seems to be faint. However, it’s quickly brightening and is predicted to get even brighter than eleventh magnitude when it’s at the closest distance to the Earth.

This would reportedly be the 2nd time in thirty days for an asteroid physique to fly at this proximity to our planet. On 15th April, an asteroid physique often known as 2018 GE3 was seen flying past the Earth from round 119,500 miles.

As per the specialists, the asteroid 2010 WC9 is even bigger than that of the “Chelyabinsk meteor” that had injured close to about one thousand individuals and had wrecked glasses on its breaking apart atop Chelyabinsk in Russia in the yr 2013. Nevertheless, the 2010 WC9 wouldn’t trigger any injury to the Earth.

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