Became known, when mercury will send a space station

Became known, when mercury will send a space station

Стало известно, когда к Меркурию отправят космическую станцию

The world is ready for fall with bated breath.

It turned recognized that mercury will send interplanetary station. The begin of the mission scheduled for October. The European space Agency introduced the date of launch of the brand new interplanetary computerized station BepiColombo, which will research mercury.

The station will begin a mission the morning of October 19, 2018 and the world will solely arrive by 2025.

Today, mercury stays some of the poorly recognized terrestrial planets within the Solar system. During his research astronomers have solely twice despatched a space probe to the planet. Due to the complexity of sending a mission to the closest to the Sun planet as a result of weak gravitational affect of the planets and robust — from the Sun.

In the final mission, astronomers have been in a position to establish the age of the magnetic subject of mercury, the thickness of the cortex, to detect tectonic exercise and to know when mercury went out all of the volcanoes. To put together for the brand new launch autos started in 2008.

The mission, referred to as “BepiColombo” in honor of the Italian mathematician Giuseppe Colombo, engaged within the calculations of the trajectory of the spacecraft “Mariner-10”, which within the early ‘ 80s, studied mercury and Venus.

Work on the mission lead by the European space Agency and Japanese aerospace exploration Agency. Specialists are going to construct two spacecraft that will go into totally different polar orbits of mercury. Explore the planet autos will be not less than a 12 months.

To the planet autos will be delivered through the migratory module. With the assistance of two probes, astronomers plan to check intimately the floor and inside construction of the planet, and likewise to acquire extra knowledge on its magnetosphere, the exosphere, the origin and evolution.

The mission will begin at 01:45 GMT 19 Oct 2018. Outside the earth’s ambiance, the equipment shows the provider rocket “Ariane-5” with French Kourou.

According to calculations, the probe will arrive to mercury in 2025.

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