Betting on Aliens and Fake Science

Betting on Aliens and Fake Science

For those that are uninterested in placing cash on the identical outdated boring ball sports activities, is providing a barely extra extraordinary wager. But how is pseudoscience messing with the percentages?

If you’ve received a intestine feeling about an upcoming encounter of the third variety, you’ll be able to put cash on it.

That’s proper, you’ll be able to gamble on whether or not you suppose we’ll officially make contact with extraterrestrial life in 2018.

There’s no advantageous print on the positioning, so no phrase on which official organisation has closing say on what constitutes alien contact. But we’re betting a grainy photograph of a really far-off UFO received’t lower it as proof.


If Hollywood films are something to go by, the primary time we make contact with aliens will be in New York.

However, in case you suppose first contact will happen nearer to dwelling, you’ll be able to put cash on that too.

Darwin has the shortest odds at $eight.00, with Uluru not far behind at $15.00. This isn’t fully shocking, when you think about that the Northern Territory is notorious for bizarre UFO sightings.

Slightly much less prone to be the placement is Melbourne, adopted by all the opposite jap cities.

You can guess that we’ll meet aliens up Ship Creek at $276.

And lastly, at $501, you’ll be able to guess that aliens will first make contact with us in Perth.


It’s unclear what it’s about Perth that makes it appear unappealing to alien life. It’s truly not clear in any respect what any of the percentages are primarily based on.

But not way back, they dropped fairly considerably. Was it due to some ground-breaking research from a reputable scientific organisation?

Of course not.

The odds received shorter when UK tabloid the Daily Star reported that Buzz Aldrin had handed a lie detector check by which he claimed to have seen aliens.

The lie detector check got here from the Institute of BioAcoustic Biology, an ‘independent research studio’ in Ohio, US. The know-how used was ‘top secret’, however it appears that evidently their work entails decoding the frequencies of the voice.

The Daily Star claims that this technique is “more reliable than current lie detector tests and could soon replace those used by the FBI and police”.

“Your voice is a holographic representation of all that you are,” espouses the fun-coloured website.

But it wasn’t actually Buzz that participated on this lie detector check.

It appears that it was a clip of audio from a documentary (which has since been removed from YouTube for violating copyright) that was analysed for ‘lies’.

In this clip, Buzz describes one thing that the Apollo 11 crew had seen out the window of their spacecraft.

On a number of events, Buzz has explicitly said that it was not an alien. But whoever analysed Buzz’s voice sample appears to suppose in any other case.

“Aldrin believes what he is saying emotionally but has doubts intellectually … He has a firm belief in what he saw but logical awareness that he cannot explain what he saw; therefore he thinks he should be doubted,” the report says.

For the Daily Star, this questionable evaluation translated straight into Buzz Aldrin saying, “I saw a UFO.” Newspapers around the globe picked up on the story, the faux information unfold and ultimately Sportsbet reconsidered the percentages it was providing to punters.


Bioacoustics is an actual, helpful scientific subject by which researchers use sound to grasp the world round us.

At the University of Western Australia, the bioacoustics group is investigating the function that sound plays in mass whale strandings.

The Curtin University Centre for Marine Science and Technology can be utilizing bioacoustics to grasp marine mammals and fish populations, in addition to terrestrial creatures such because the black cockatoo.

In 2013, UWA researcher Dr Monica Gagliano prolonged bioacoustics to explain plant behaviour, revealing how they’ll develop in a sure route or launch pollen in response to sounds of a sure frequency.

For all of those functions, proof exists of their usefulness.

But the Institute of BioAcoustic Biology claims that an understanding of our vocal frequencies can “reverse diseases and traumas previously thought to be incurable, to reveal the secrets of our true nature, to enhance our lives, to predict what may be our fate through the frequencies of our voice”.

For this, there isn’t any proof.

And frankly, so long as information publications maintain spreading tales primarily based on unhealthy science, I don’t blame the aliens for conserving their distance.

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