Brandon Flynn Compared Bryce From “13 Reasons Why” To Harvey Weinstein And Donald Trump

VALLEJO, California — 13 Reasons Why star Brandon Flynn says the shortage of justice meted out to the present’s rapist character “shows what’s really happening” in society with regards to sexual assault.

Flynn, the 24-year-old actor who portrays Justin Foley on the Netflix present, the second season of which was launched Friday, in contrast Bryce Walker (performed by Justin Prentice) to Harvey Weinstein and President Donald Trump.

“As much as we’d all like to see Bryce get what Harvey Weinstein got, or didn’t get, we have these situations right now that are so loud and clear,” Flynn informed BuzzFeed News throughout a set go to in November.

“Bryce is more of the Trump in our show. He’s the guy who clearly has all these fucking allegations against him, all these disgusting qualities, and no one’s saying a goddamn word about it.”

At least 70 ladies have accused Weinstein of sexual assault or harassment, whereas no less than 16 ladies have made comparable accusations against Trump. (Weinstein has admitted to inappropriate habits however denied any allegations of nonconsensual intercourse; Trump has denied all of the allegations towards him).

Season 2 of the Netflix series addresses the fallout of Bryce’s confession that he raped Hannah Baker (Katherine Langford), an act that led her to kill herself, in addition to the belief of Jessica Davis (Alisha Boe) that Bryce raped her at a distinct occasion.

When Justin testifies through the Baker household’s negligence lawsuit towards Liberty High School that Bryce raped Jessica, the scholars fail to spot any justice from the courtroom.

Justin subsequently distances himself from Bryce, realizing their friendship will not be mutually useful and was extra about Bryce’s “ownership” over Justin. This means Justin is lastly capable of break away from “bro culture,” because the actor described it, and attempt to do proper by Hannah, Jessica, and Clay Jensen (Dylan Minnette).

When Jessica and Justin report her assault to the police (Justin as a witness), it opens up a separate courtroom case towards Bryce, who will get arrested for sexual assault. However, he’s sentenced to solely three months of probation, even after Jessica delivers a robust closing argument directed proper at her rapist.

Justin can also be arrested, for being an adjunct to the sexual assault. He serves a little bit over one month in a juvenile detention heart.

Flynn mentioned the lenient sentences mirror some lenient, real-world punishments administered out to younger males convicted of sexual assault.

“We’re not trying to give fans what they want,” Flynn mentioned, noting that a lot of the 13 Reasons Why fandom need to see Bryce endure the harshest of penalties for raping Hannah and Jessica. “I think we are doing a really good job of not catering to that and just catering to the truth.”

Sexual assault and rape tradition have been main parts of the present’s first season, however the matter felt all of the extra related to Flynn towards the top of filming the second season. At the peak of the #MeToo motion, Flynn mentioned he would come to set every day after studying about one more accusation towards a well-known man.

“I sit there each evening and go, How are we as a society letting all this occur? How are we not doing something about it?” Flynn mentioned. “It’s generally laborious for me to stand up and are available right here once I’m similar to, The world is on hearth.”

Flynn mentioned exploring these darkish subjects on a tv present is “a really good thing” as a result of it helps elevate consciousness in regards to the prevalence of sexual assault.

The actor mentioned he hopes that seeing the aftermath of Hannah and Jessica’s assaults helps viewers notice “that’s happening next door, that’s happening in our White House, it’s happening everywhere.”

“Even with the Harvey Weinsteins and Kevin Spaceys, they’re going off to some retreat and getting treatment for their problem and we are continuing to let these things happen,” Flynn mentioned. “I think on our show, we are continuing to let it happen, which is very important to me because it shows what’s really happening. It shows the truth of it all.”

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