Can Renn Keep Craig Out of Trouble?

Can Renn Keep Craig Out of Trouble?

Not even Renn can preserve Craig’s consideration in the course of the season three premiere of Animal Kingdom. In a sneak peek of the Tuesday, May 29, episode, Renn (Christina Ochoa) and Craig (Ben Robson) interact in an attractive evening out dancing collectively. However, when he sees a bunch of males within the nook, clearly beginning hassle, he can’t concentrate on her. “Let it go, it’s not worth it,” she whispers in his ear whereas they dance. But he storms off anyway.

Luckily, she involves his rescue, saying one thing in Spanish to the group of guys that left them laughing at Craig – and left him very sad.

“I just wanted to have some fun,” Craig tells her as she walks towards the automotive. She responds, “You were about to get your ass kicked.”

Renn then calls for the keys and he doesn’t need to go away. Ultimately, she will get her method and tells him if he desires to remain, he can.

TNT's Animal Kingdom
TNT’s Animal Kingdom TNT

“You want to stay? Fine, call me in the morning form some sh—ty Mexican hospital. Maybe I’ll come pick up what’s left of you,” she says.

In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, Robson admitted it’s “difficult” to get right into a darkish head place for the function. “When I first started acting I really struggled. I’d be happy to go back to the places, but I’d really struggle to get back to myself,” he stated in 2017. “But when you’re filming a TV show, you shoot for six months and you’re kind of always there with him. There might be times when I’m out having a few drinks and it’s like, ‘I should go home but something in me is telling me to stay.’ And you’re questioning whose mentality you’re holding right then.”

Animal Kingdom premieres on TNT Tuesday, May 29, at 9 p.m. ET.

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