Fragment of surprise asteroid that hit Earth recovered in Botswana

Chinese astronomers discover lithium-rich giant star

Chinese astronomers have found essentially the most lithium-rich giant ever identified, which may shed new gentle on the evolution of the

With three,000 instances extra than a standard star, it was discovered within the path of Ophiuchus, on the north aspect of the galactic disk, at a distance of four,500 gentle years from Earth, experiences

The has a mass virtually 1.5 instances our solar.

A analysis staff, led by astronomers from National Astronomical Observatories of China (NAOC), made the invention with the Large Sky Area Multi-Object Fibre Spectroscopic Telescope (LAMOST), a particular quasi-meridian reflecting Schmidt telescope positioned in NAOC’s Xinglong Observatory, in province.

The telescope can observe about four,000 celestial our bodies at one time and has made an enormous contribution to the research of the construction of the galaxy.

is taken into account one of many three parts synthesised within the Big Bang, along with hydrogen and helium. The abundance of the three parts was thought to be the strongest proof of the Big Bang.

The evolution of has been a key topic within the analysis of the evolution of the and stars. However, giant stars wealthy in lithium are very uncommon, with just a few discovered over the previous three many years. This makes their research remarkably difficult, mentioned Zhao Gang, a lead at NAOC.

“The discovery of this has largely elevated the higher restrict of noticed lithium abundance,” mentioned Zhao.

The outcomes of the research have been revealed within the newest problem of



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