Conspiracy Theorists claim Aliens are preparing for war as they spot ancient alien tank on Moon

Conspiracy Theorists claim Aliens are preparing for war as they spot ancient alien tank on Moon

Are aliens preparing for war? Alien hunters have claimed that clever alien species dwell on the moon and they are build up a military to fight us. To help the claim, a Youtuber has posted a video that exhibits alleged alien tank current on the lunar floor. After seeing the video, alien lovers made a daring claim that extraterrestrial species monitor our actions from the moon and they will assault us quickly.

The video was uploaded by the famend Youtuber SecureTeam10 the place he confirmed the ancient tank whereas analyzing the picture captured by NASA observatory. The uploader has zoomed the picture and enhanced its shade to extend the viewability of the picture. One can clearly see an object that seems like a tank from the highest view.

“It very well could be just an oddly shaped boulder, but I want you guys to notice the artificial nature of it. If look at an actual tank from a bird’s eye view, you’ll see the tank and the turret on top, and this exhibits very similar features to the tanks that we see on Earth,” mentioned the YouTuber.

Watch the video of an alien tank on Moon

The video is trending on the social media platforms like Youtube and Facebook. Over a million folks have watched the gorgeous video on the Youtube itself.

Previously, a man claimed that he noticed a giant UFO or alien ‘mothership’, and a number of other different smaller objects shifting at excessive pace on the moon background within the night time sky of Bristol. He even filmed the doable UFO sighting. According to the person, the primary UFO-like object or the mom ship was very huge. “I reckon the mothership was the size of two to three football fields, at least,” he mentioned. He additional knowledgeable that there have been two or three mysterious flying objects altogether however the focus was primarily on the mothership as it was very huge contemplating its massive distance. Another eyewitness mentioned, “I used to be a witness to the alien ships proper out of my house in Portland. The foremost UFO was at a distance from others.

Recently, A UFO researcher has claimed that he noticed two mysterious UFO-like objects on the lunar floor. George Graham, a Scottish UFO researcher mentioned that when he was analyzing the images taken by Chinese lunar probe spacecraft Chang’e three, he noticed these two mysterious objects on the lunar floor. One was trying like an alien and one other was trying like a flying saucer hiding behind an enormous rock, as revealed within the two separate movies uploaded by Graham on his YouTube Channel ‘Streetcap1′.

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