Elon Musk explains how a ‘Fluffer Bot’ slowed down Model 3 production – BGR

Elon Musk explains how a ‘Fluffer Bot’ slowed down Model 3 production – BGR

Tesla’s earnings convention name yesterday was attention-grabbing, to say the very least. At one level, an analyst requested Elon Musk about Tesla’s monetary scenario and the probability that the corporate would wish to lift extra capital sooner or later. Musk, nonetheless, refused to reply the query and responded blithely: “Excuse me. Next. Boring boneheaded questions are not cool.”

In reality, parts of the decision had been so weird that long-time analyst Adam Jonas stated it was the “most unusual” earnings convention name he’d ever seen in his 20-year profession. Of course, Wall Street didn’t reply favorably to Musk’s dodging of necessary monetary questions, with shares of the corporate at present down almost 20 factors.

Musk’s theatrics apart, there have been a few attention-grabbing tidbits the Tesla CEO did reveal in the course of the name. Most notably, Musk offered us with some new particulars concerning the corporate’s ongoing efforts to ramp up Model 3 production. As Musk alluded to throughout a CBS interview a few weeks in the past, Model 3 production over the previous few months has been hampered by Tesla’s over-reliance on superior robots.

“Yes, excessive automation at Tesla was a mistake,” Musk stated by way of Twitter a few weeks in the past. “To be precise, my mistake. Humans are underrated.”

Citing one instance, Musk stated the corporate wasted a lot of time making an attempt to calibrate a robotic to put a mat over the automobile’s battery pack when people might have dealt with the job far more effectively.

One thing more that we’ve additionally discovered is that there are some issues which might be very nicely suited to handbook operation and a few issues which might be very nicely suited to automated operation, and the 2 shouldn’t be confused. So, I needs to be clear that the overwhelming majority of the Tesla production system is automated. However, as I’ve talked about in a tweet a few months in the past, we did go too far on the automation entrance and automatic some fairly foolish issues.

One instance could be, we’ve this – that is type of mockingly silly – we had these fiberglass mats on the highest of the battery pack. They’re principally fluff. So, we tried to automate the location and bonding of fluff to the highest of the battery pack, which is ridiculous. So, we had fluffer bot, which was actually an extremely tough machine to make work. Machines will not be good at choosing up items of fluff. Human fingers are manner higher at doing that. And so, we had a tremendous difficult machine utilizing a imaginative and prescient system to attempt to put a piece of fluff on the battery pack.

Funny sufficient, Musk stated that subsequent testing revealed that battery packs with the mat weren’t any higher at maintaining noise inside the automobile to a minimal.

“So, we actually had a part that was unnecessary,” Musk added.  “The line kept breaking down because fluffer bot would frequently fail at picking up the fluff while putting it in… So that was one of the silliest things I found.”

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