Flat-Earthers Think 'Pac-Man Effect' Stops Us Falling Off the Edge of the Planet

Flat-Earthers Think ‘Pac-Man Effect’ Stops Us Falling Off the Edge of the Planet

Sailors by no means had something to concern from the edges of a flat Earth, say conspiracy theorists at the first U.Okay. Flat Earth conference. Instead, objects will zap to the different aspect of the planet after they attain the very edge, some proponents argue.

The conference noticed flat-Earthers, skeptics, and the flat Earth-curious collect in the metropolis of Birmingham, U.Okay. At the occasion, convention speaker Darren Nesbit sought to handle one of the most evident issues with flat Earth claims—why folks don’t simply fall off the edge of the planet in the event that they journey too far in a single route.

“We know that continuous east-west travel is a reality,” he stated, in line with the Telegraph. “No one has ever come to, or crossed a physical boundary.”

5_2_Earth This picture exhibits our spherical planet Earth from house. Or does it? NASA

The finest clarification is not a curved, globe-shaped Earth, Nesbit thinks. Instead, it might be one thing extra like teleportation. Yes, you learn that proper. Teleportation

Like Pac-Man himself, who reappears on one aspect of the recreation display having exited on the different, objects could be transported from one edge of the flat Earth to the reverse edge. Describing this as a “logical possibility” for “truly free thinkers,” Nesbit defined, “Space-time wraps around and we get a Pac-Man effect.”

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Nesbit isn’t the just one to focus on this impact. As ScienceAlert factors out, moderately than a believable idea, the Pac-Man impact is described as a ridiculous consequence of flat Earth theories. 

Some flat-Earthers are even bolder in the face of skeptics. “My research destroys Big Bang cosmology,” conference speaker Dave Marsh said, according to the Telegraph. “It supports the idea that gravity doesn’t exist and the only true force in nature is electromagnetism.”

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There is loads of disagreement inside flat Earth circles as nicely. Is the Earth a flat circle, a sequence of rings, or a diamond? Is the sky actually a domed roof? Nesbit thinks the Earth is diamond-shaped and supported with pillars, for what its value. “I’m not saying this is definitely what is going on,” he stated, “But I think it is a plausible model.”

Conference organiser Gary John was thrilled by the gathering of like-minded conspiracy theorists. “It’s just amazing to connect with people and do the experiments and prove to yourself again that the Earth is flat,” he stated, in line with the Telegraph. “People are waking up… We’re seeing an explosion of interest in flat Earth theories and increasing mistrust of governments.”

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