Here's how Ichiro responded when he got a text from Tom Brady: Who's Tom Brady?

Here’s how Ichiro responded when he got a text from Tom Brady: Who’s Tom Brady?

It’s arduous to think about there are a lot of individuals out on the planet fully unaware of who Tom Brady is. Brady, who has been the Patriots quarterback since 2001, is likely one of the most well-known athletes on the planet and in addition occurs to be married to Gisele Bundchen, probably the most well-known fashions on the planet. Brady was concerned in a enormous gate-level scandal that just about ended up with a lawsuit within the Supreme Court. 

My mother is aware of who Tom Brady is so it is fairly stunning to seek out out that Ichiro Suzuki, a longtime Mariners baseball participant, may not. But in keeping with a story from Peter Gammons of The Athletic, Ichiro as soon as got a text from Brady, did not know who he was and needed to ask “Who the f— is Tom Brady?” 

Several issues to unpack right here.

One, this was LAST YEAR. It’s not prefer it was 2001. Ichiro has been hanging out and dwelling in America for fairly a whereas now. He ought to know who Brady is.

Two, though it is a generic identify, it is nonetheless TOM BRADY. If somebody known as my home and stated “hey this is Tom Brady” I would not be like “who the F is Tom Brady?” I might say “like, the Patriots quarterback?” It could possibly be “Tom Brady’s Terrific Towel Service” calling me again after I would known as them and I might nonetheless suppose “oh man this might be Tom Brady from the Patriots.”

Three, I like that A-Rod was the go-between for the 2 events right here. That cracks me up for some purpose.

And 4, perhaps Ichiro was simply kidding. That’s fully doable, proper? He may have identified who Brady was, and sure did. 

Or, and this may be the almost certainly reply, the state of affairs was simply so out of context that Ichiro could not match the identify with the well-known quarterback. That occurs to me a lot: you see somebody from a work setting at a neighborhood perform (or the grocery retailer or no matter) and also you get thrown off as a result of in your mind they need to be someplace else. 

Ichiro might need had baseball on the mind when the got the text — particularly with it coming by means of the conduit of Rodriguez — and couldn’t for the lifetime of him determine what individual on the planet of baseball named Tom Brady could be worthy of getting his quantity from A-Rod.

Or maybe Ichiro is just so routine-obsessed and focused on baseball that he’s fully tuned out something referring to American soccer for the previous 10 or 15 years. That could be hilarious, and considerably ironic contemplating how Brady approaches the sport himself.

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