Home Depot Reverses Course and Offers Employee Fired for Responding to Customer's Racist Rant His Job Back [Updated]

Home Depot Reverses Course and Offers Employee Fired for Responding to Customer’s Racist Rant His Job Back [Updated]

Maurice Rucker
Screenshot: WNYT

Updated: Friday, July 20, 2018, 6:35 p.m. EST: The Home Depot has miraculously seen the sunshine and determined—after pointed social media shaming, and articles like this—to provide a ten-year worker his job again, after firing him for defending himself in opposition to a racist and verbally abusive buyer.

Deputy Managing Editor Yesha Callahan, obtained a forwarded e-mail from firm spokesperson Matt Harrigan, saying that the corporate has modified its thoughts in regards to the employment standing of 60-year-old Maurice Rucker. It reads partially: “We’ve taken another look at this and we are offering Maurice his job back.”

Callahan and one other journalist, Nancy Levine, had been moving into on Home Depot all day on social media with tweets like this:


And this (amongst others):

Suffice it to say, it looks like the corporate bought the memo (and most likely numerous indignant calls and tweets) and reversed course.

Look at that—service journalism, and journalists working collectively! In the phrases of Ice Cube, “today was a good day.”


This is America … the place, if you’re an worker at Home Depot, you’re apparently anticipated to take repeated verbal abuse from a buyer with out verbally responding, nonetheless calmly, your self.

Maurice Rucker, 60, misplaced his job at an Albany, N.Y., Home Depot after he mentioned he was subjected to racist verbal abuse, which he mentioned was not like something he’s ever skilled. The fall out has left him shocked, WNYT reports. 

Rucker mentioned the incident all began final Thursday when a buyer approached checkout with an unleashed canine.

“I said to him, ‘Sir, when you have your dog in here we prefer that you keep it on a leash.’” He circled and mentioned, ‘Fuck you. You’re an asshole you’re a chunk of shit,’” Rucker recalled.

The buyer didn’t cease there, including, “If Trump wasn’t president, you wouldn’t even have a job” and “You’re from the ghetto, what do you know?’” in accordance to Rucker.

“I’ve lived all over the country and I’ve had no one talk to me the way that this guy talked to me,” Rucker mentioned.

The barrage of insults continued till the 60-year-old couldn’t take it anymore.

“’You’re lucky I’m at work, because if I wasn’t, this wouldn’t be happening, or you wouldn’t be talking to me like this,’” Rucker recalled snapping again.

Then, get this, the person left, however then returned as a result of he forgot his canine. He then verbally attacked Rucker once more, earlier than leaving for the ultimate time.

Rucker thought the state of affairs was all mentioned and achieved, however when he went to work on Tuesday he was instructed he was being fired, one thing he feels is drastic, contemplating he’s been working with Home Depot for 10 years and was only recently named “Cashier of the Month.”

According to Home Depot, the tough self-discipline was as a result of Rucker didn’t comply with protocol when coping with the irate buyer, who referred to as to complain about him after the very fact.

“The problem here is that he had several opportunities to disengage and contact management to deal with the customer. We’re appalled by this customer’s behavior, but we also must require associates to follow proper protocol to defuse a situation for the sake of their safety and the safety of other associates and customers,” Home Depot Spokesperson Stephen Holmes instructed WNYT.

Rucker mentioned that the client accused Rucker of being racist.

“He said that I was being racist and that I said I would knock him down. He just told him a bunch of lies and it seems like they believed him,” Rucker, who was making lower than $13, instructed the information web site.

Now Rucker is contemplating wanting for an legal professional, and since he’s out of his job at Home Depot, is hoping to work with youngsters, to proceed the work he did do at Home Depot, which included working children’ workshops.

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