Hubble captures photo of massive nearby galaxy that is still growing – BGR

Hubble captures photo of massive nearby galaxy that is still growing – BGR

For most of us, staring up on the night time sky solely lets us see the brightest nearby stars, and for those who’re wherever close to a metropolis you most likely received’t see a lot else due to pesky mild air pollution. The highly effective lens on the Hubble Space Telescope doesn’t have to fret about any of that, and NASA can take attractive pictures just like the one you see above each time it feels prefer it.

What you’re seeing right here is a nearby galaxy known as NGC 6744. It’s not a very attention-grabbing identify, however that doesn’t make the colossal galaxy any much less superior. It’s as much as twice as broad as our personal Milky Way, and in response to NASA it’s still a really energetic place.

The galaxy is considered round 200,000 mild years throughout, which is about twice as broad because the Milky Way. In phrases of its form, it resembles our dwelling galaxy fairly a bit, with lengthy, curved spiral arms made up of numerous stars, planets, and free gasses and dirt.

“NGC 6744 is similar to our home galaxy in more ways than one,” NASA explains in a brand new weblog submit. “Like the Milky Way, NGC 6744 has a prominent central region packed with old yellow stars. Moving away from the galactic core, one can see parts of the dusty spiral arms painted in shades of pink and blue; while the blue sites are full of young star clusters, the pink ones are regions of active star formation, indicating that the galaxy is still very lively.”

The photo was taken with Hubble’s WFC3, which stands for Wide Field Camera three. The spacecraft is definitely getting up there in phrases of age, having just lately celebrated its 28th yr in service after being launched again in 1990. It’s clear that the telescope has lots of life left in it, and that’s an excellent factor contemplating the mounting delays and absurd price overruns of its sorta-successor, the James Webb Space Telescope.

The James Webb was alleged to be in area for a decade already but it surely hasn’t even gotten off the bottom. Northrop Grumman, the contractor who has been persistently disappointing NASA and the US authorities whereas engaged on the mission, has been messing up large time in its building. The firm, of course, refuses to soak up these prices and would somewhat go the invoice to NASA, which is already struggling for funding. Oh effectively, a minimum of we’ve Hubble!

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