I Just Realized Chandler Is The Best Sex Monica Ever Had Because He Followed The Seven Erogenous Zones

After rewatching Friends, I got here to a realization about Monica and Chandler that straight-up shook me!

In Season 5, Episode four: “The One Where Phoebe Hates PBS,” we study that Monica’s “secret boyfriend” is the BEST intercourse she’s ever had.

Her secret boyfriend occurs to be Chandler, who’s sitting proper subsequent to Monica when Rachel says this:

I know what we had been all considering. Chandler? Better than all of Monica’s different boyfriends, together with Magnum P.I. himself, Tom Selleck/Richard?

Chandler? The man who continuously makes self-deprecating jokes about himself within the bed room?

Don’t fear, Chandler thought the identical factor, which is why he requested Monica about it (who, to be honest, did not reply).

But we’re left to imagine that, sure, he’s even higher than Richard. *Cue the dance*

After realizing he had been an ass, Chandler apologizes and says, “If I’m the most effective, it is solely as a result of YOU made me the most effective”…which is the sentence that triggered a lightbulb second in my head!

Monica MADE him the most effective… actually. Remember when Monica reveals Chandler her favourite SEVEN erogenous zones, the most effective approach to hit each, and the precise order she likes?!

This scene happened solely a season prior — Season four, Episode 11: “The One with Phoebe’s Uterus” — and I’m certain Chandler made certain to recollect Monica’s suggestions.

Now, yeah, the sentiments Monica and Chandler have for one another are in all probability a giant a part of why their intercourse life is so nice…

…But if Chandler discovered one thing within the bed room that labored (effectively), would not he simply maintain doing it… say a 12 months later when he and Monica bought collectively?

And who apart from Monica — who, by her personal description of herself, generally is a MAJOR management freak — would need her personal intercourse life mapped out to the letter?

If Chandler remembered precisely what Monica deliberate out, then naturally he’d be phenomenal in mattress, proper?


Chandler, the proper match for Monica due to Monica. #CoupleGoals

Ah sure, these two. A match made in heaven.

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