In Denmark, Harsh New Laws for Immigrant ‘Ghettos’

Her husband, Jesper, a former service provider sailor whose ship as soon as docked in Lebanon, mentioned he had watched laborers there being shot for laziness and changed by truckloads of latest staff gathered within the countryside.

“I think they are 300 to 400 years behind us,” Jesper mentioned.

“Their culture doesn’t fit here,” Anette mentioned.

The new hard-edge push to power Muslims to combine struck each of them as optimistic. “The young people will see what it is to be Danish and they will not be like their parents,” Jesper mentioned.

“The grandmothers will die sometime,” Anette mentioned. “They are the ones resisting change.”

By focusing closely on the collective price of supporting refugee and immigrant households, the Danish People’s Party has gained many citizens away from the center-left Social Democrats, who had lengthy been seen because the defenders of the welfare state. With a normal election approaching subsequent 12 months, the Social Democrat occasion has shifted to the precise on immigration, saying more durable measures are needed to guard the welfare state.

Nearly 87 % of Denmark’s 5.7 million individuals are of Danish descent, with immigrants and their descendants accounting for the remaining. Two-thirds of the immigrants, round half one million, are from Muslim backgrounds, a gaggle that swelled with the waves of Afghan, Iraqi and Syrian refugees crossing Europe.

Critics would say “the state cannot force children away from their parents in the daytime, that’s disproportionate use of force,” mentioned Rune Lykkeberg, the editor in chief of Dagbladet Information, a left-liberal every day newspaper. “But the Social Democrats say, ‘We give people money, and we want something for this money.’ This is a system of rights and obligations.”

Danes have a excessive degree of belief within the state, together with as a central shaper of kids’s ideology and beliefs, he mentioned. “The Anglo-Saxon conception is that man is free in nature, and then comes the state” constraining that freedom, he mentioned. “Our conception of freedom is the opposite, that man is only free in society.”

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