JetBlue flight crew saves distressed bulldog during flight

JetBlue flight crew saves distressed bulldog during flight

A French bulldog in respiratory misery was saved by fast-thinking JetBlue crew members on a current flight, in accordance with a report.

Three-year-old Darcy and her proprietor have been flying from Florida to Massachusetts on Thursday when the pup’s tongue and gums began to show blue inside her provider, according to ABC News.

“We all are affected by cabin pressure and oxygen fluctuations, human, canine and feline, etc., but the fact that the Attendants were responsive and attentive to the situation may have saved Darcy’s life,” proprietor Michele Burt wrote in a thank-you letter to JetBlue, which was posted on Facebook.

Two flight attendants first introduced over ice in baggage after which an oxygen masks to assist Darcy breathe.

Photos which have since gone viral on social media present Darcy sitting in a window seat with the yellow oxygen masks up towards her nostril and mouth.

The four-legged passenger was being handled for hypoxia, an oxygen deficiency that may be lethal, ABC News reported.

“I placed the mask over her face, and within a few minutes she became alert and after a short time she didn’t want the mask,” Burt wrote. “I believe [flight attendants] Renaud and Diane saved a life, some may reduce the value of the life because Darcy is a canine, I do not.”

Burt went on to say that the 2 flight attendants “were the helpers today. It may have been only a ‘dog’ to some, not a major disaster certainly, but a family member to us.”

“Goodness and kindness along with the ability to assess a medical crisis, albeit a canine in crisis saved the day.”

Burt reported again that Darcy has since “made a complete recovery,” in accordance with the letter.

One of the dog-saving crew members, Renaud Fenster, informed ABC’s “Good Morning America” Monday that in his 15 years of working for an airline he has “never seen anything like this.”

“I was passing through the cabin to check up on a passenger, and I noticed [another] passenger, who had the dog out of her crate and the dog had an indication that it wasn’t looking too well… And I believe the dog passed out,” Fenster stated.

“The dog started panting very rapidly and uncontrollably, and so as a French bulldog owner myself, I knew the dog was overheating and needed some ice. I brought the dog some ice, and that didn’t do anything.”

Fenster then stated he “decided that we needed to consider using oxygen to support the animal.”

“So I called the captain, and I told him, ‘I think I need to use some oxygen,’ and he said, ‘Go ahead.’ And right then and there, placed the oxygen on the dog and the dog revived like nothing else,” he stated.

JetBlue stated in a press release: “We all want to make sure everyone has a safe and comfortable fight, including those with four legs.”

“We’re thankful for our crew’s quick thinking and glad everyone involved was breathing easier when the plane landed in Worcester.”

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