MTA will allow sex toy ads on the subway

MTA will allow sex toy ads on the subway

The MTA stated on Thursday that they might allow ads for a sex toy firm to look in the subway in the future after the photos had been deemed too racy for metropolis straphangers.

The reversal got here after accusations of unequal therapy when the firm that handles MTA ads stated the colourful photos from luxurious sex toy firm Unbound violated insurance policies about “indecent material.”

Advertisements for male enhancement capsules and breast enhancement seem in subways.

“The MTA has always and will continue to ensure that our policies are applied evenly and fairly,” MTA spokesman Jon Weinstein stated Thursday.

“We’re going to direct our advertising partner to work with the company toward a resolution that is agreeable to all parties and allows their ads on the system.”

Unbound used artists Laura Callaghan, Loveis Wise and Kristen Liu Wong to create fashionable photos of girls with the equipment included.

The CEO of Unbound, Polly Rodriguez, sounded cautiously optimistic about the MTA’s change-of-heart regarding their ads.

“We’re looking forward to learning what this means for this campaign, and we haven’t yet heard what the terms of this will be,” she stated.

“We want to make certain we’re not just putting a band-aid on this issue, but really making an effort to change the policies that resulted in this dispute in the first place.”

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