New York Today: Spring Comes to the City. For Real This Time.

News flash: Not everyone seems to be having fun with this heat climate.

Whenever we gleefully write about these temperate days, a few of our readers write in, wag their fingers and remind us that not everybody shares our style in gentle climate.

We not too long ago requested them why.

“Absolutely I prefer colder temps. I’m ‘blessed’ with a thick — O.K., fat — neck, and wearing turtlenecks just makes me feel better, like I’m hiding something.”

— Thom Wise, 64, West New York, N.J.

“When the weather suddenly gets warm like it will this week, New York buildings rarely make the adjustment from heating to cooling in time, which means every interior is stiflingly hot and miserable and my skin itches from the sudden change. I feel drained, bloated, greasy. Plus when the city heats up, all the unpleasant smells, like garbage, urine and body odor, emerge to slap you in the face.”

— Lenge Hong, 51, East Village

“Everyone looks and feels better in layers. Scarves, hats, boots? Wonderful. But sweat marks, frizzy hair, damp subway seats after booty shorts? Horrible.”

— Gregory Gallagher, 31, Bushwick, Brooklyn

“There’s just something really cozy about adverse weather. The worse the storm, the better. I travel a lot for work, but if I can get away with it, sometimes I’ll actually fly back early so I can be home for a storm.”

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