Saturn’s moon indicates possibility of life - IN SCHOOL

Saturn’s moon indicates possibility of life – IN SCHOOL

: Scientists discovered that giant, carbon-wealthy natural molecules are ejected from cracks within the icy floor of Saturn’s moon Enceladus, indicating it satisfies all of the essential necessities for life.

Researchers, who used knowledge from the NASA’s Cassini spacecraft, suppose chemical reactions between the moon’s rocky core and heat water from its subsurface ocean are linked to those complicated molecules.

“We are, yet again, blown away by Enceladus. Previously we’d only identified the simplest organic molecules containing a few carbon atoms, but even that was very intriguing,” mentioned Christopher Glein, an area scientist from Southwest Research Institute within the US.

“Now we’ve found organic molecules with masses above 200 atomic mass units. That’s over ten times heavier than methane,” mentioned Glein.

“With complex organic molecules emanating from its liquid water ocean, this moon is the only body besides Earth known to simultaneously satisfy all of the basic requirements for life as we know it,” he mentioned.

“Hydrogen provides a source of chemical energy supporting microbes that live in the Earth’s oceans near hydrothermal vents,” mentioned Hunter Waite, from Southwest Research Institute.

“The paper’s findings also have great significance for the next generation of exploration,” Glein mentioned.

“A future spacecraft could fly through the plume of Enceladus, and analyse those complex organic molecules using a high-resolution mass spectrometer to help us determine how they were made,” he mentioned.

“We must be cautious, but it is exciting to ponder that this finding indicates that the biological synthesis of organic molecules on Enceladus is possible,” he added.PTI

We should be cautious, however it’s thrilling to ponder that this discovering indicates that the organic synthesis of natural molecules on Enceladus is feasible

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