Scientists say the likelihood of ‘water world’ exoplanets is high, which is good news for aliens – BGR

Scientists say the likelihood of ‘water world’ exoplanets is high, which is good news for aliens – BGR

If you hope to in the future get up to the news that scientists have found a planet with alien life, the scientists working with the Kepler area telescope have some very good news for you. In a presentation at the Goldschmidt Conference in Boston, researchers from Harvard revealed that the knowledge from the Kepler telescope means that water-covered planets are literally much more frequent than you may assume.

Lead researcher Dr. Li Zeng, who characterised the discovery as a “huge surprise,” says that the knowledge that Kepler has gathered about 1000’s of potential alien worlds factors to many of them having water on their floor, and a few could have oceans so deep they put Earth to disgrace.

“We have looked at how mass relates to radius, and developed a model which might explain the relationship” Zeng explained. The ensuing knowledge, when utilized to the data that scientists have already got about the exoplanets, revealed that worlds round one-and-a-half occasions the measurement of Earth are possible rocky, and people which are round two-and-a-half occasions the measurement of Earth are in all probability coated in water.

But earlier than you go dreaming of a planet coated in an unlimited, comfy ocean, Zeng warns that many of the planets that assist giant portions of water should be hostile.

“Their surface temperature is expected to be in the 200 to 500 degree Celsius range,” Zeng famous. “Their surface may be shrouded in a water-vapor-dominated atmosphere, with a liquid water layer underneath. Moving deeper, one would expect to find this water transforms into high-pressure ices before we reaching the solid rocky core. The beauty of the model is that it explains just how composition relates to the known facts about these planets”.

Humanity is nonetheless largely in the darkish as to what situations are optimum for life to type. We assume we all know that life wants water to take root, and water-covered planets are clearly an important place for life to exist if that is certainly the case. Still, we received’t know till we really discover organisms on a planet aside from our personal.

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